Frank Bigham recently acquired an old zither banjo for just £50 recently. The 5th drone string is out of action but he has shown a) that it is a quality instrument and b) he can play it really well despite the missing string.

Our first meeting after Christmas on 14 January saw us celebrate Pam Graves’ 70th Birthday and double the attendance of another local club the previous Thursday. Dave Harper was on late but livened up proceedings with “This Land Is Your Land” and “Rattling Bog”

Over the past two years or so, Heather Hodgkinson has seen a metamorphic swap from regular audience to performing various amusing ditties, some risqué, with a twinkle in her eye. Teaming up with Ian Campbell on guitar, it has put a new dimension on her material.

Host Grahame Hood sang “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”

And there was a warm welcome for Ado Matheson who performed “Before The Deluge”. Thanks to Ian Anderson for the videos.


John Edwards and Dave Harper perform “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” at the Liz Simcock Showcase, 8 November 2019

Posted by Peter Muldoon on Saturday, 9 November 2019

Club residents Grahame Hood and John Edwards perform “Fair And Tender Ladies” at OFFB in October 2019. Thanks to Ian Anderson for the video.


Resident band Orpe String Quartet perform “I am a Pilgrim” at our 25 June 2019 event


Tony Field plays “Is This The Way To Amarillo?” on 14 May 2019

One of our resident bands, #Hashtag perform “This Land Is Your Land” on 26 February 2019.


The Santino Quintet at our special showcase on 18 December 2018 playing “You Can Never Tell”. Plenty of dancing going on!

#Hashtag give us a rendition of Deck the Halls on 18 December 2018




Brian Miller plays “A Day In The Life” at Dolce Vita 19 December 2018



John Edwards plays at the Everyman Folk Club “Easy Chair” 30/10/18

Paul Brown sings “Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)” at Orpington Folk and Blues on 12 June 2018

We occasionally visit The White Star, Liverpool for the Wednesday noon sing-around organised by the Button Street Badger Band. Here they perform Drowsy Maggie on 18 April 2018 with Jenny “Wren” Barnett on the Bodhran.

And from the same session the BSBB with their end of session Mason’s Apron – so good it would be rude not include it!

Tony Field is always keen to perform new songs and he lit rip with the Seekers’ hit “I Am Australian” on 24 July 2018

The Orpy String Band wrap up another great evening on 8 May 2018 with “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” and “Jambalya”


OFB regular Robin Slater 10 April 2018

Tony Field sings “I am Australian” at Orpington Folk and Blues on 24 July 2018

Robin Slater in action on 10 April 2018 with the Proclaimers’ hit “500 Miles”

Dave Harper frequents Liverpool and here he performs “Fire Down Below” at the White Star session on 10 January 2018

Tricity Vogue wows the packed audience at our 2017 Christmas Showcase

Tricity Vogue at our December 2017 Showcase – watch the audience collapse as Frank and Ivan get the word sheets mixed up!

John Edwards and Jenny Barnett perform Dark Hollow at the Button Street Badger Band session at the White Star, Liverpool on 8 November 2017.

And from the same session Jenny Barnett performs “Bunch of Thyme”

Pauline Llewellyn wowed the audience at the Everyman Folk Club, Liverpool on 7 November 2017 with “Galway Shawl”

At the same session, John Edwards is joined by Keith Price to perform “Copperhead Road”

Ado Matheson was joined by Ross Jacques and Jimmy Van Lynn at the end of a sensational showcase for “Dance With Me To The End Of Love” and “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” on Friday, 23 June 2017

Earlier Ado Matheson got the audience going with Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

And the trio certainly got the audience dancing with “Marie’s Wedding”

Hans Matheson leads on “True Colours” with Susan Turner and Ado Matheson on 4 March 2017

Neil Pepper of Lime Meadow Folk Club paid us a visit on 10 January 2017 to perform “Leader of the Band”

Andy Roth plays Rosetta on 10 January 2017, a rare song as he normally just plays instrumentals!

The same evening saw Pam and Paul Button play “Eight Days A Week”

Former Spinner Hughie Jones has the distinction of being the only “guest” at OF&B (Orpington Liberal Club having paid for subsequent appearances by Mick Groves or the Spinners Legends). Here Hughie closes the evening on 20 May 2016 singing “The Leaving of Liverpool” with  Dave Harper, Ado Matheson, Paul Sirman and Russ Kearton

Gill Roberts and Tony Field combine to sing “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” on 18 April 2016 at The Rising Sun folk session


Tony Field has wowed the audience on many occasions

The Orpy String Band perform “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” and “Jambalaya” at Orpington Folk and Blues on 8 May 2018

Former OF&B resident Pete Thomas has sadly moved to Cornwall and only occasionally comes along. Here he plays “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” from 12 July 2016

Sunrise are always welcome performers at OF&B but a house move has put them an hour away from us. Here we go back to 2016 for their rendition of “Islands In The Sun”.

Jenny Barnett plays “Four Green Fields” on 12 January 2016

Jenny Barnett performs her take on “Poverty Poverty Knock” on 22 December 2015

At the same session Robin Slater gives us “Mary’s Boy Child”

Alex Ostapiuk and his partner Jane perform “Fairytale of New York” on 22 December 2015

Tony Field really wowed the audience in August 2015 at Willows Folk Club, Arundel with John Denver’s Calypso and Six Ribbons that was written by Australian Jon English

Here we go back to the August 2015 Beer Festival at Orpington Liberal Club with Tony Field singing the John Denver hit “Calypso”

Also from the August 2015 Beer Festival are The Gillies

Sonny and the Harp sing “Bye-Bye Love”

The New Levee Breakers contribute “Hand Me Down My Walking Cane”

Ivan North on his accordian with “Liberty Bell” at the August 2015 beer festival at Orpington Liberal Club

In July 2015, Tony “Golden Tonsils” Field gave us this splendid rendition of Dan Fogelberg’s “John Sutter’s Mill.

The New Levee Breakers (Frank Bigham, Jackie Santo and Ivan North) give us their “Midnight Special” Medley at Orpington Folk and Blues on 28 July 2015

New Levee Breakers in action once again on 23 June 2015 with “Old Joe Clark”

The String Theory Quartet perform “House of the Rising Sun” at a Showcase event on 22 May 2015

Dave Harper (on harmonica) joins Hughie Jones, Mick Groves, the Willows Folk Club (Arundel) host Chris Davis back in November 2014 for the “Leaving of Liverpool”.

Russ Kearton of Sevenoaks gives us his rendition of Robben Ford’s “The Way You Treat Me” on 8 October 2014

Plumstead singer/songwriter Angela McCarron and her dad wrote “God Damn Bills” and perform it at OF&B in 2013

But Angela also plays within a group and joins the New Levee Breakers in 2014 to play “Cripple Creek”

The Everyman Folk Club spent a period at Osqa’s Winer Bar, Roscoe Street, Liverpool. Here is a floor singer doing a good rendition of Farewell the Rhonda in September 2013

Jenny Barnett performs “Mary Anne” at Willows Folk Club, Arundel on 4 September 2013 (turn up volume)

Back in August 2013 at the summer beer festival, Mississippi MacDonald and the Cottonmouth Kings played “Rock Me Baby” and “Where Did You Get That Shirt”

Johnny Matthews is a popular performer at OF&B along with his companion Nessie. We look forward to him returning soon. Here he is back in 2013 with “Keeping The Tradition Alive”

Willows Folk Club in Arundel paid host to Hughie Jones in September 2011. Here he sings “Dirty Old Town”

A real gem from the past as Bryn Parsons performs City of New Orleans – note Frank Bigham and Jenny Barnett in the audience at the Change of Horses, Farnborough


Long before #Hashtag, Dave Harper and Richard Thew were part of a band formed in the mid 90s called Civil Minds to perform for charity events. In July 2000 they performed in the Home Office, Queen Anne’s Gate. Here we have Woody Gutherie’s “This Land Is Your Land”

Here they are again with the Mama’s and Papa’s “California Dreamin”

And a rousing finish with “Ob