Spinners Legends Treat

Those of you who were lucky enough to come to the Spinners Legends gig on 8 September will be interested to know that there is a double CD just out featuring the songs based on that concert.

You could of course order copies from The Chantey Cabin but there will be a limited number available on 13 November at Orpington Folk & Blues at £10 saving on p&p.

September Evening

Our Liverpool friends, the Button Street Badger Band kindly provide a list of musical numbers at their weekly get togethers at the White Star.

Here is our list of songs at our September 9 evening that was much quieter than expected:

1st Half

John Edwards, Grahame Hood and Rick Lawson – Sail Away Ladies

Tony Field – Mrs Skeffington and the Thunder Rose

Graham Hood – The Lonesome Boatman and Country Gentleman

Nick Matthews – Three Jovial Tailors and Spanish Ladies

Jenny Barnett – You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive and Summertime

Robin Slater – Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway and Oh No John

Carol: Stand By Me and The Tick Tack Song

Dave Harper – Hard Case and The Bonny Ship The Diamond

Les from Hungary – Two harmonica solos

Pam and Paul – I’m In Love With You and Georgia

Rick Lawson and John Edwards – Get Along Cindy and Black Eyed Susie

Richard – Come On You Maidens Fair and Morningtown Ride

Heather – Harvey and Sheila, Lucy and The Cow

2nd Half

Tony Field – It’s Hard to Be Humble

Graham Hood – Song of Vitamins

Nick Matthews – Walter Waltzing

Jenny Barnett – Mule Skinner Blues

Robin Slater – She Wears Black Clothes

Dave Harper – In My Liverpool Home

Les from Hungary – Harmonica Blues

John Edwards, Pam and Paul – This Heart of Mine and Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Richard – Durham Town and Take Me Home Country Roads

Leo – Bolan Beau

Graham Hood and Leo – Wake Up Little

Jenny Barnett – Perfect Day

Les from Hungary – Harmonica tune

Dave Harper – Jamaica Farewell

Pam and Paul with John Edwards and Richard – 8 Days A Week


Liverpool Bound

One of our fun trips involves a midweek visit to Liverpool. Our next visit in on 30 and 31 October as it doesn’t clash with either Grand Ole Orpy or our Folk & Blues evening.

Dave Harper, John Edwards, Pauline Llewellyn will be playing at the Everyman Folk Club on the Tuesday evening at the Cross Keys pub in Earle Street before hitting the White Star pub (just round the corner from the Cavern) on Wednesday for the noon singaround session hosted by the Button Street Badger Band. This gives us an opportunity to sing up to five songs each as well as indulge in some pies and sandwiches.


We were pleased to see Susan Turner and her husband Mark act as host and engineer respectively on 8 May. A quieter night than of late, possibly due to being the fag end of the Bank Holiday but a late showing by Paul Brown who sang Boom-Bang-A-Bang was very welcome. The evening closed with the Orpy String Band – see video below.


Our last OFB on 24 April saw another great night. It was a warm welcome back to Angela McCarron who performed some new songs and finished by talented musician Paul Brown who gave us his take on Hi-Ho Silver Lining.

We also saw Frank McConnell return after a too long absence. The evening was opened by the Orpy String Band but one casualty of war with a sore throat was Robin Slater who sat back and enjoyed the evening.

Looking forward to our next event on 8 May, our hosts are expected to be the Gillies with Jackie Santo on the door and John Edwards at the sound controls.