We were pleased to see Susan Turner and her husband Mark act as host and engineer respectively on 8 May. A quieter night than of late, possibly due to being the fag end of the Bank Holiday but a late showing by Paul Brown who sang Boom-Bang-A-Bang was very welcome. The evening closed with the Orpy String Band – see video below.


Our last OFB on 24 April saw another great night. It was a warm welcome back to Angela McCarron who performed some new songs and finished by talented musician Paul Brown who gave us his take on Hi-Ho Silver Lining.

We also saw Frank McConnell return after a too long absence. The evening was opened by the Orpy String Band but one casualty of war with a sore throat was Robin Slater who sat back and enjoyed the evening.

Looking forward to our next event on 8 May, our hosts are expected to be the Gillies with Jackie Santo on the door and John Edwards at the sound controls.